Turning the corner from Homelessness to Homeowner

Marion and her girls

Marion learned a hard lesson after she offered to help family members financially. Though her heart was in the right place, her generous act left her with a mound of debt, no money, and no permanent place to call home. Then, along came the COVID-19 pandemic. Marion and her two daughters moved into her grandparent's home to survive. Marion recalled the time as a low point and said she could not see the potential within herself. She felt hopeless. Her second chance came when a school social worker told her about a program for young single moms. Marion applied and was accepted into the Turning Point Center for Women and Children, a supported independent living program for young moms between 18 to 24-years-old.

Turning Point is a haven of hope for young single-parent mothers with children experiencing chronic homelessness and who struggle to maintain work. The up to 2-year program helps young moms to become more confident, better parents, and self-sufficient.

Marion worked hard and met her goals. She found childcare, a full-time job, and began saving money for a place to live. Marion and the other moms received life-coaching classes, childcare for their kids, and knowledge to help them overcome everyday obstacles. "I took myself out of the moment and thought about what was best for the future of my family," said Marion.

Thanks to your support, Marion became one of the most successful Turning Point program participants. She reached her goals. Her daughters began to thrive at school, and Marion became financially stable. With The Salvation Army match of the money, she was able to save at Turning Point. Marion used it to purchase her first home.

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The Salvation Army - National Capital Area Command
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Marion and her girls
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