TNR Helps Community Cats and their Human Neighbors

This is a healthy looking TNR'd community cat with an ear tip for identification.

Community Cat Allies’ mission is to save community cats (aka feral cats) through Trap-Neuter/Spay-Vaccinate-Return (TNR) programs. In TNR, cats are humanely trapped and transported to veterinary clinics for spay or neuter, vaccinated to protect against disease, and ear tipped for identification. Once cats receive medical services, they are returned to their outdoor homes where they have dedicated feeders and caretakers.

While our work helps community cats, their human neighbors also benefit. One of our favorite success stories involves an 80-year-old Veteran who does not have use of his legs. He had several community cats on his property who he loved even though he could not touch them. He had fixed all of them except one female who eluded him for years and continued to produce kitten litters. He reached out to Community Cat Allies for help, and we were able to assist him in trapping mama cat quickly. He was present for mama cat’s release back to her outdoor home after her spay and was so pleased he no longer had to worry about litter after litter. To this day, he keeps in touch to let us know the cats on his property continue to thrive and provide great rodent control for his garden, and to express gratitude for our assistance.

In 2020, our 100% volunteer agency provided Trap-Neuter/Spay-Vaccinate-Return (TNR) services to 175 community cats for 52 caretakers like this Veteran in Monterey County, California.

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Community Cat Allies
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This is a healthy looking TNR'd community cat with an ear tip for identification.
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Alayne Williams