Thankful for People Who Care

I’ve Spent My Life Trying to Make a Difference in My Community - I’m So Thankful That Now There Are People Who Care About Me

My name is Theresa. I moved to Nevada to live near my son in the fall of 2019. That summer, my husband and I lost our home in Oklahoma in a tornado, and then my husband passed away unexpectedly just a few weeks later. Now, I’m living in a senior living apartment in Reno. My only income is my social security. Once I’ve paid my rent and other bills, there isn’t much left over for groceries - certainly not enough to be able to afford very many healthy options. My son tries to help me out financially when he can, but I don’t want to be a burden on him. I spent my life working for non-profits, mostly as a grant writer. During all of those years spent working to serve my community, I never imagined I’d be the one needing the help of organizations like the Food Bank, but I am so thankful that you all are here. Shortly after I moved here, a neighbor told me about the Food Bank’s Senior Box program (CSFP), which comes right to our apartment building each month. I signed up for the program, and I get a great box of pantry items each month, plus some beautiful fruits and vegetables. I really love the fresh produce and was so excited when the new Produce on Wheels van started coming to our apartment as well. Now, I am able to get fresh produce three times a month from the Food Bank. It’s really exciting to see what’s going to be in the bags each week. My neighbors and I love comparing notes about what we made with the items we receive. I’ve gotten quite a few things I’d never used before, and I am having a lot of fun discovering new recipes. I like to look all of the ingredients up in my phone to get inspired, and I’ve found some really delicious casseroles and other wonderful things to make with the items I receive.

“The Food Bank doesn’t only help me with my nutrition. It’s also helped me to find a sense of community in my new town. These programs, and the people I meet because of them, have truly brought the sparkle back to my life.” -Theresa

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Food Bank of Northern Nevada
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