Stockton Shelter - A Steppingstone for Many

"Family Portrait"

For the past 34 years the Shelter has been a place of refuge for many Stockton residents. It is a place where people of all walks of life can come to when they needed a leg up, a friendly face and a way out of whatever dire situation they are in. We like to think of the Shelter as a “steppingstone”. A way for men, women, and children to cross whatever barrier they are facing and make it safely to the other side to continue their journey through life.
Some barriers can be drugs, not being able to pay rent, or even not knowing how to save and pay bills on time. We have some amazing case managers here at the Shelter who help these individuals find the resources they need to get past the barrier and back into housing. The case managers work with these individuals to help them learn how to save money, shop wisely and keep their house clean. We try to teach them how to succeed once they get back out on their own, and many of them do.
During the fall of 2019 a mother came to stay at the Shelter with her two young children, but soon after got into temporary housing. A staff member went through the drive thru at McDonald’s early the next year and recognized her. She told the staff member she was doing well! She had just gotten a raise and was looking into buying a home for her and the kids. These are the people you don’t hear enough about. The ones who use the Shelter as their “steppingstone” and end up safely on the other side, thoroughly enjoying the rest of their journey through life.

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Stockton Shelter for the Homeless
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"Family Portrait"
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Shelter Staff