The Snyder Family

Dave Snyder and his service dog outside of their new home!

I hope you never have to go through what U.S. Army veteran Dave has endured in his home.

The apartment is so tiny that he and his son, Aaron, 7, must share a single small bedroom.

Cockroaches infest the entire place. The space is deteriorating so badly that Aaron injured himself on an exposed floorboard screw. As a single father of a son with special needs, Dave simply wants what is best for his little boy ... but that often feels out of reach.

Dave honorably served our nation as a member of the armed forces, returning home with medical issues that left him on total disability. This heroic veteran is eager to make life better for himself and his son, but he is struggling in an apartment that is falling apart. That is where your generosity has made such a wonderful difference.

On a day Dave will never forget, he and Aaron received amazing news: their application had been approved by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (CFC#33583). They were going to have a new home — a house of their own.

This great moment happened because of the kindness of friends like you. Your support of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (CFC#33583) helps families in need of affordable, stable housing. Your gifts through the 2020 Combined Federal Campaign allow us to create better lives for even more children and parents in safe, sturdy houses right here in greater Los Angeles.

You can imagine what a life-changing experience homeownership is for people like Dave.

When we first met this patriotic hero, he was in a place of utter despair. He used to work as a private wealth manager and financial planner, but once he became disabled and limited by a fixed income, purchasing a house seemed all but impossible. In the Army, he was a security specialist. Dave’s honorable service kept his fellow Americans safe. Now, he is struggling.

Your compassion and support are transforming the lives of many people like Dave and Aaron. Your kindness today benefits other families facing grueling problems in dangerous living situations.

A Habitat home is never a handout. Each family partners with us to build their new house through sweat equity.

“I’m honored to help any way I can,” Dave says. “Not only for my own home, but also for my neighbors and other future Habitat homeowners.”

Even though Dave has physical difficulties due to his military service, he is helping to build his own house — and those of other families who are also eager for a better life in a Habitat home. He is so determined to work that he puts on a wrist brace, goes to the build site and tapes a brush to the brace so he can help paint.

With your strong support, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles’ required classes help parents gain the skills to become successful homeowners. Dave is an enthusiastic student.

“I learned about finance, homeownership and escrow,” he says. “I love how they design the classes so that people at any income level can learn and be involved.”

This is the beginning of a whole new life for Dave and Aaron, thanks to friends like you. By the time you read these words, the Snyders will have moved into their brand new home.

The burden of their disastrous apartment has been lifted. The trials and tribulations — four long years of struggle — is finally be behind them. They have a safe, comfortable, quiet home of their own.

This is the power of your contribution. This is your compassion in action. This is how you are making a difference for a family in serious need of a secure house.

With your generous gifts to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (CFC#33583) we can reach more parents like Dave who need a decent place to call home in greater Los Angeles. We appreciate your generosity!

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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles
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Dave Snyder and his service dog outside of their new home!
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Habitat LA