Sexually Abused Kids Getting Help from CFC Events

sacred at CFC event

While we miss the 'live' events and getting to meet and greet our federal employees, we are grateful for the work CFC has done to keep our vision and mission alive. We work with the child advocates of families of sexually abused children. To protect the child, we never know who they are. We do know, however, is the family is in a state of emotional stress and un-imagined pain due to child sexual abuse. They are facing a loss of income which adds financial stress. Will they be able to pay their rent, buy groceries or even have enough money to keep the utilities on? sacred’s goal, working with Child Advocates, is to relieve the temporary financial stress so the family can focus on the child and the emotional and legal challenges to come. sacred disburses funds with 24 hours of an approved application. The sexual abuse of a child is a difficult discussion to have, and because of that, visibility and knowledge of our mission is often unknown. We thank CFC for helping us bring the issue of child sexual abuse to the forefront and for you, for your time, consideration and support.

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Sexually Abused Children's Relief Endeavor (sacred)
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sacred at CFC event
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John D'Attoma