Safe and free from drugs and alcohol

Rescued from homelessness, addiction, and despair

Solus Christus is out in the country in a 100-year-old farmhouse. Women come to us homeless from the streets, hospitals, jails, and prisons. They are broken with poor health, poor teeth, and poor self-image. We have a family atmosphere and eat together around our large kitchen table. The farm has animals, chickens, and lots of vegetable and flower gardens. By the time the ladies complete their program, they are full of life and full of the love of Jesus.
In 2021 we complete our 14th year. Over 1,300 women that have come through our doors. They have come from as far away as Texas, New York, and Florida. They have been as young as 15 and as old as 66. We work with 40 long-term Christian treatment center all around the USA. Most of the facilities are 6-12 months long and do not charge for their services. If an appropriate rehab cannot be found, we invite them to our 12-month discipleship program.
Local churches, organizations, and individual volunteers help make this ministry possible. Without the community, we would not be able to help so many women. Two thrift stores help support Solus Christus.
Today, hundreds of women are thriving, back with their children, out of addiction, safe from abuse, and serving their communities. Many have pursued education; some even have their master’s degrees and work in a variety of areas from counseling to nursing. Many of the women have chosen to do internships at their respective rehabs, some have also been hired full-time after their internship.

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Solus Christus Inc
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Rescued from homelessness, addiction, and despair
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Solus Christus