Rose's Story


“One morning my 16-year-old son woke me up because all of our electricity had been shut off because I couldn’t pay the bill. As his mom, I was embarrassed and worried. My Career Coach, Ashley, was able to help. As a mom just wanting to provide for her kids, I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” - Rose
Rose is a single mom of three beautiful and energetic children – a 16-year-old son, a 10-year-old daughter, and her 2-year-old son. Prior to meeting her Career Coach, Rose had been on her own and working full time as a housekeeper trying to make ends meet for their family of four but stuck in the cycle of poverty.
“I always had a dream of going to school to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) but was never able to push forward and accomplish it,” said Rose. Then Rose met Ashley, her Career Coach. Fueled with the determination to create a better life for her kids, Rose started school in September.
While navigating distance learning with her 10th grader and 5th grader, Rose stayed focused on her goals, studying and never missing a class – thanks to the support and encouragement from her Career Coach. By December she had put in the hard work to get her certification – one step toward a new life for her and her kids.
“I’m 33 years old and in my entire life, I have never had anyone who has given me as much support as Ashley has,” said Rose. “The day I took my test to become a CNA, Ashley was there to meet me,” she explained through tears of gratitude. “She has been one of my biggest supporters – you just don’t meet people like that – who feel like family.”
In January, Rose started her dream job caring for people with dementia at a local nursing home near downtown Fargo. “Sometimes at the end of the day it is tough for me to leave them – I love being around them and caring for them,” she shared. “Every day that I wake up I am so happy to go to work and to know that my kids are cared for – that is the most important thing to me.”
Before meeting her Career Coach, Rose was unable to spend time with her children and be there for them as a mom and often worried about having enough money to pay rent, have enough groceries for her family, and was uncertain about their future. Today, they are able to go places together as a family, and enjoy time together.
“What I want people that give to know is that you’re changing a lot of people lives, and you don’t even know it.” Career Coaches are available for people like Rose thanks to people like you who give to United Way. Career Coaches connect low-income families with skills training to obtain high demand careers such as nursing, welding and manufacturing – working with them every step of the way to overcome personal barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment.
“When people do good for you, you have to appreciate it and I am so appreciative of the help - thank you!”
United Way donors like you provide a better life for moms like Rose and her kids – thanks to Career Coaches, we’re able to change two generations at a time and setting up Rose’s kids for success. That’s the power of community.

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