Preventing Veteran Suicide: Healing Post Traumatic Stress

Our Director of Healing Touch and Brian at Veterans Plaza for Memorial Day events.

Below are the words of Brian, an Army infantryman that deployed into Occupation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2007. Brian came into Healing Warriors Program on advice of his Veterans Administration physician. Although the VA only covers acupuncture treatment for PTSD and pain, Healing Warriors Program provides 3 modalities that work in unison to achieve results. We use CranioSacral therapy to assist with Traumatic Brain Injuries and pain, and we use Healing Touch therapy to assist with sleep deprivation and Post Traumatic Stress anxiety. When we first evaluated Brian, we considered him a high suicide risk. Brian completed our program and went back to school, moving out-of-state and graduating summa cum laude. He still checks in with us to let us know how he is doing. This is his story:
“My introduction to the Healing Warriors program came when I visited the VA to request disability compensation for service connected injuries. It was suggested that I visit a psychiatrist along with other appointments that were necessary. I refused to take anything the psychiatrist would have prescribed. She thought for a moment, and then suggested that I visit the Healing Warriors Program. I believe I was one of the first few veterans that were introduced to the Healing Warriors Program. I have seen it grow just as much as I have over the years. It is almost equally unrecognizable for both of us because the transformation has been so amazing.
I tried all three modalities that were offered but the healing touch therapy was the most phenomenal. I never realized how broken my spirit and self worth had become. I was a depressed and paranoid house of cards held together by a jittering anxiety. I drank alcohol to calm down in a habitual way. The healing touch therapy offered a new remedy for me to calm down. After an hour long session with a healing touch practitioner, I felt renewed and mellow. My anger would be a distant memory. One session was so visceral and full of emotion that I truly felt reborn afterwards. I found peace with so many soulful contradictions that the banality of war brings. I no longer wanted to destroy myself ... Each session would provide a sense of well-being that lasted for 2 or 3 weeks before another session would seem necessary.
I became very curious about the healing touch technique. I asked many questions after each session…It was so interesting to me that I actually took three of the five healing touch classes over the course of about a year. I was graciously invited by the Healing Warriors Program to help at some of their outreach events and I loved helping spread the word about the services provided for veterans and their family. The Healing Warriors Program allowed me to reach a point in my life where I became the healer!
I don’t recognize the person I used to be because my brain doesn’t think as it once did. My attitude of fear has dissolved… In my personal experience, PTSD is not something you get rid of. You live with it, but the D is such a drag because it is not a disorder.
Post-Traumatic Stress is a military attitude that is highly admired in the character of an infantryman. The hyper-vigilant observation awareness is encouraged. I personally have difficulty turning that attitude off sometimes. The Healing Warriors Program with their healing modalities does truly offer an… antidote to a mental struggle that is causing bodily harm. It is the definition of holistic because it is all-inclusive. I pray the Healing Warriors Program continues to grow because the help it provides is infinite. I know their dream is to reach other towns in Colorado and other states. Helping veterans is their priority and there are so many veterans coming out of this recent endless war cycle. I pray that the VA will provide prescription healing sessions for veterans as readily as they hand out pharmaceutical pills.
I am eternally grateful for the friendly staff at the Healing Warriors Program clinic. …It felt great to be cared for and learn to care for others. “

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Our Director of Healing Touch and Brian at Veterans Plaza for Memorial Day events.
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