Polores never thought she would be forced to live in her car and rely on the Food Bank for her meals.

After she lost her home she lived in for 20 years, Polores had nowhere to go. She has family, but none of her relatives live nearby to help her out. Polores currently stays at a local church or in her car while she waits for her Social Security disability benefits to be approved. She’s hoping that small income will help with her living expenses and get her back on her feet.

Polores started visiting her local food pantry about two years ago, after a friend told her about the available help. She is so thankful for the food and respect she receives that she has been telling others. She said, “I’ve referred a couple of people over here, especially mothers with kids and people who are going through hard times. I spread the word, and tell them this is the place to come and get good nourishing food. That people are going to talk to you on a social and personal basis, and be very respectful.”

She is especially grateful that the staff and volunteers at the food pantry help her get the food she needs the most. She said, “There’s only so much food you can put in the back of a car when you live there. But they make sure that I don’t get all perishable food — that I get fresh fruits and canned food that will serve my needs.”

Despite her current situation, Polores remains optimistic about the future.

“My spirits are lifted up, and I’m very positive,” she says with a smile. “And I will get back my house. It’s just a matter of money and time.”

Polores knows how difficult life would be if it weren’t for the support of the Houston Food Bank and her local food pantry. That’s why she is so grateful for every bite of food she gets.

“I thank the Houston Food Bank wholeheartedly for not only me, but for the people that come here each day, each week to get food,” she said. “I thank them, I thank the food pantry and the people that support it. I am very grateful for you.”

The sad reality is that many other seniors just like Polores are struggling to pay for food, housing and other expenses on a limited income. As a large portion of our population continues to age, it’s even more critical that we focus on eliminating senior hunger and providing nourishing food. Thank you for caring about local seniors and ensuring they get the food they need to stay healthy!

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Houston Food Bank
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Houston Food Bank