One act of kindness at the gas station

Building a kinder society

Mailbox Money #60695 schedules acts of kindness events for unsuspecting individuals throughout its communities. Engagers join together by giving $10.47 per month to make a positive impact on the world by spreading kindness and good cheer and encouraging others to do the same. This photo was from an event where people getting gas received $50.00 in our Golden Envelopes. These events are called “Give days”. Give days are vast in type and benefactors as the engagers are polled on a regular basis on what events they would like to be involved in. We have events for animal shelters, elderly in nursing homes, paying for people going through a drive through, putting money in expired parking meters, giving to teachers and faculty and so much more. These events are planned by members and then brought to life in the community with engager with us. You can see more videos of events or on Facebook and IG @mailboxmoney
We need you! Come join us and be a part of spreading kindness!

Charity Name
Mailbox Money Community Foundation
Photo Caption
Building a kinder society
Photo Credit
Jennifer Rivera