Natalie's Story

See the need. Meet the need.

The pandemic has worsened already existed needs in our community. But it has also reinforced the value of taking care of each other. It’s up to us to help out and pitch in. Remember, we never know who might be in need of a United Way funded service. It could be a coworker, a neighbor or a family member.

Eight-year-old Natalie was referred to one of United Way’s partner agencies because she was routinely showing up to school late and had trouble focusing in the classroom. When the agency’s caring professional reached out to Natalie’s family, she learned that one of Natalie’s parents had recently been laid off and the family was struggling with food insecurity. With the job loss, the family had also lost medical coverage. Because of this, Natalie had been living with an undiagnosed medical issue. Thanks to support from United Way donors, Natalie and her family received the support they needed to find success through a variety of services.

This story isn’t an anomaly. The average family in need of health and human services in our community will be helped by three to four agencies, who partner to address the complex needs that families and children face.

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United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County
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United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County