"My First REAL Job!"

"My First Paycheck!"

Rebecca’s Success Story

“Rebecca is 20 and has an intellectual disability. We found out about Phoenix through her special education class at school. Phoenix is a United Way of Madison County Partner Agency. Their mission is to improve the quality of life,
self-sufficiency, and employability primarily for individuals with disabilities. Services include vocational evaluations, job placement and coaching, educational services in high schools and job opportunities.

Before getting a real job, we thought it would be a great experience for Rebecca to apply for the 2-week JET program with Phoenix. She was quickly accepted and she started work at the Holiday Inn Express in Athens. Some of her duties were cleaning the kitchen and dining area after breakfast and folding linens. The management there was so wonderful with her and accommodating! Rebecca loves to feel useful and prides herself in a job well-done. Rebecca really enjoyed her work there and was eager to go back every day. She said she was sad when it was over. Rebecca is going back for another year of school but we hope she will be able to get a more permanent job after that. Rebecca and individuals like her are capable of so much and enjoy working and being a part of the community.”

Excerpts from a conversation with Rebecca’s Mom, Emily Woodall

Charity Name
United Way of Madison County
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"My First Paycheck!"
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Emily Woodall