Meet Mya, who found a safe haven at Florence Crittenton.

Meet Mya

Our Family Support Program breaks the cycle of poverty by combining evidence-based programming to address homelessness and help young mothers become self-sufficient. We employ a “housing first” approach, prioritizing safe housing as the entry point for young mothers to access services to improve their family’s quality of life. Housing services vary by family but can include: finding affordable housing, paying past due rent, first month’s rent, security, and utility deposits, offering short-term hotel vouchers, or providing rental assistance for families needing more intensive support.

Mya's life was forever changed after unlocking the door to her new apartment. Just days before, she was sleeping on a relative’s couch as she prepared for the birth of her twins. Because of you, she’s one of two dozen homeless single mothers who received rental assistance and home-based parenting support from Florence Crittenton. She and her babies now sleep safely in their own beds and she is preparing to return to work.

* Name has been changed for confidentiality purposes.

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Florence Crittenton Programs of South Carolina
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Meet Mya
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Taylor Lauren Barker