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Recently, the parents of a young man with intellectual and developmental disabilities that SEEC supports, reached out and said ‘“Our association with SEEC has been life-changing for the three of us; we are forever grateful. “

Having a job, a paycheck, living in a home you choose, being surrounded by people beyond your immediate family, all of what seems within reach for most of us, these things are still challenges for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities need others to listen to their wishes and support them to achieve their goals. SEEC is a non-profit agency offering services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live their best lives. SEEC helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout their lives and uses a person-centered approach.
Amanda is one of the people SEEC supports. She lives with a roommate to support her in a townhouse. Her parents are still surprised that SEEC was able to offer this solution for her to live on her own: ‘’I always thought it may be possible for people with less complex needs, but not someone like my daughter.’’ said her mom. SEEC helped make Amanda’s dream a reality.

Another common wish for the people supported by SEEC is to have a job, ideally, one that will bring them a sense of belonging and growth opportunities. (I may have heard that Langston isn’t working there anymore.) Langston is supported by SEEC and works at Emmes. Jane, his job coach, provides advice and makes sure that communication is smooth, and challenges are resolved between Emmes and his colleagues. Helen, one of his colleagues at Emmes enjoys collaborating with him and is impressed how he takes initiative: “I really enjoy working with Langston. He’s so hardworking and serious about his responsibilities, and he always comes through for me, whether that’s help with the copiers and supplies or delivering the returns from FDA. Those sound like minor things, but they can make or break the efficiency of our FDA deliverables. ‘’

SEEC is profoundly impacting the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Maryland and Washington, DC. You can help us achieve our mission by donating!

With your gift, you become a supporter of inclusion and diversity. (

Your gift helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work, and thrive!

At SEEC, we are incredibly grateful for our community of donors. It makes an enormous difference to know that you have people who believe that what you are doing is important and changes people’s lives.

The SEEC family wants to thank you for your help ensuring that people with disabilities feel included, recognized, and a part of the community.

Together, we can do it: Let us make sure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live a life they choose for themselves.

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