Kenneth's Story

Our struggle really started when I was in 3rd grade. My father started having an affair, and he would come home drunk at night and beat my mother, and also, my brother and I. My father eventually left us, so my mother had to go to work as a yaya or a maid, and she could only come home once a week.

The money still was not enough so, my mother had to move to Manila to work to have a bigger income. My brother and I were just left alone in our house. We were hopeless because we didn’t have anyone to take care of us.

Also, my older brother who was supposed to take care of me – I would see him drinking, smoking, gambling, and stealing, so as a younger brother, I would just follow what he was doing. At that time, I don’t care about my life anymore, because I have no direction, and I was all alone. I started to skip school and sell juice on the streets.

But Little Children of the World (LCW) stepped into my life and they changed me and helped me. For 2 years, I waited for a sponsor, then I became sponsored when I was 12 years old.

My mother was still working out of town and my brother was into many vices, so LCW offered for me to live in Consuelo Home for Boys in order to continue my studies. Immediately I said yes! Because, I had already started to feel the hope that I would have a chance to have a better life through LCW.

LCW supported me all the way through college until I graduated. Now, I am working as a teacher to inspire more lives. LCW did not just help me financially and educationally, but also emotionally and spiritually. They helped me build a relationship with Jesus and strengthened my faith in God.

I would not have been able to achieve my dreams if not or my sponsors and LCW. LCW is really a blessing to me and really changed my life. Really LCW is God’s way of saying He loves me. Now, I have Hope!

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Little Children of the World
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