Keep Pushing, Don't Settle

Ana and her two daughters enjoying a night out

“Keep pushing, don’t settle”, that’s the words the Toro family live by.

Words Ana Toro has told herself since spending her high school years in a local group home. After graduating high school in 1996, Ana was determined to make a better life for herself and enlisted in the United States Army Reserves. For 8 years, Ana served in flight operations, a male dominated field where she was directed to handle the “grunt work” day in and day out. This fueled Ana’s
determination to success and she went on to earn her associates degree at a local college.

Fast forward to 2020, Ana is now a proud single mom of two beautiful daughters. 20 year old Trinity, a fine arts major at Delaware College of Art and Design and 10 year old Alina, who’s an inspiring hulu dancer and amateur Minecraft player.
Committed to providing her girls with a better life, Ana has worked her way into a management position at a local behavioral health group and went back to school to work towards a bachelor’s degree in social work.

But, despite Ana’s determination she is unable to afford the one thing she’s dreamt about - a safe, stable place that is their own. Currently living in a very small 2 bedroom apartment, most nights Alina sleeps with her mom as the second bedroom is not large enough for two single beds. The apartment isn’t large enough to celebrate the holidays and there is no room for family activities. As Alina puts it,” I need my own space!”

Throughout the next 18 months, Ana will be working to achieve her dream of providing the girls a place to live and a place for them to aways come home to. Ana is thankful to be able to work with volunteers to help achieve her dreams and also to gain a feeling of gratification and accomplishment.

Charity Name
Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity
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Ana and her two daughters enjoying a night out
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Ana Toro