Justin: Workforce Development Trainee

Houston Habitat is always looking for ways to help low-income Houstonians find financial stability. People like Justin, who stumbled upon a flyer for our Build Your Future On-the-Job Training Program.

“I was having a hard time providing for my family. I was only working in restaurants and really wanted a change in my life to be better for myself, my wife and kids,” said Justin.

Houston Habitat works to address Houston’s shortage of skilled labor while empowering people by teaching residential construction and repair. The program provides hands-on construction and repair instruction and each trainee is paid while in the program.

In June, our trainees began building a house from the ground up. Justin explained, “It has been awesome starting from scratch, actually taking part in, as well witnessing how the whole thing comes together. I’m learning so much and couldn’t ask for better teachers.”

When he graduates from the program, Justin will have employable skills like framing, installing drywall, painting and roofing. “I want to sharpen my skills and learn everything I can here.
Hopefully, later down the road will be in a position to start something on my own someday I can pass on to my son.”

Kevin, Houston Habitat construction director, said the best part of teaching the trainees is “seeing the excitement in their eyes when the job gets done, they feel proud about the final result. It boosts their confidence which enables them to do more.”

Justin said, “Honestly I didn’t expect to pick up on most things. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but sheet rocking, taping and floating, framing I picked up pretty quick, I would say it’s a really great and informative program. I’ve loved it and love coming work. But you have to willing pay attention and get your hands dirty.”

Houston Habitat seeks to empower others, like Justin, to build self-reliance a financially stable future.

For more information visit houstonhabitat.org

Charity Name
Houston Habitat for Humanity
Photo Caption
Justin building his construction skills on a house build.
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Caci Clark