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Bessie's story

We fight for veterans like Bessie who struggled with severe PTSD for years, temporarily ruining her life, causing her to lose her children and have to live on the street. She was in need of multiple services to get back on her feet and we were able to help in various ways as we work toward community goals to:
• Fund 60 more residents in permanent supportive housing with case management
• Fund beds for 575,000 emergency or transitional nights
Thanks to receiving the support she needed, Bessie is reunited with her family, serves as a life coach to other veterans, and received her VA Certificate of Eligibility. She now contributes back to United Way to help others in her community.
Bessie said, “I’m so glad that I am not still on the street, because I very well could be. But because of the United Way and the organizations that have helped me along the way, I am not there anymore, and I am so grateful.”
This is just one part of our fight. Change won't happen alone. We must unite to help even more individuals break the cycle of poverty.

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Valley of the Sun United Way
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Bessie's story
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