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Catering Summer Interns

Charlie wasn't looking for an internship as a junior…she didn't even know what EnventU was! But as she rushed out the door to band practice, her teacher, Mr. Adan, pushed her to interview. Charlie had always exhibited a level of maturity far beyond her 16 years. Helping to care for her four younger brothers and sisters had caused her to grow up quickly, and Mr. Adan knew she would be a perfect fit.

In a short 15-minute interview, Charlie painted a picture of responsibilities and obligations most adults would be challenged to handle. Yet, she met every test with a positive disposition and grace, belying the pressures she was truly under. And as quickly as she sat down, she was gone; but the impression was strong and lasting. It was clear Charlie deserved this opportunity…she was hired!

Fully embracing the experience, Charlie committed 110% to her catering internship. Usually the one taking care of everyone else, Charlie quickly enjoyed the love and support of staff members who quickly welcomed her as their "little sister". Traveling beyond her city limits as a server, she improved her communication skills, increased self-confidence and her leadership skills, and developed professional relationships.

As the summer came to a close, Charlie found herself not wanting her internship to end. She quickly found out it didn't have to because she was being offered a permanent position on staff! Entering her senior year, she would have the flexibility to continue her workforce development training. Under the mentorship of her new "work family", college seemed within reach. What a difference ONE summer made!

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Catering Summer Interns
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