I hope Hawaii Meals on Wheels is still delivering to me when I’m 105!

"I receive five meals a week, and it’s more than enough to get me through each day."

My name is Bettie Sank, I live in Waipio. I will be 96 years old in a week. I’m happy to share what my Hawaii Meals on Wheels means to me.

In November 2019 a beautiful church lady named Silvie contacted Hawaii Meals on Wheels for me. She knew I was totally disabled with very limited mobility. Because of this, I can’t cook for myself. I can’t handle anything higher than shoulder length as I’m unable to get out of my motorized chair. I can’t handle my stove, and I can’t do dishes. To raise my arms to prepare a meal is impossible.

On top of this, I’ve been stricken with rheumatoid arthritis which makes it difficult to do any kind of peeling or other preparation. I have a gas stove, but both my oven and the top burners don’t work anymore. I can’t afford to buy a new one. My meals used to consist of American cheese, crackers, hardboiled eggs, mustard, cereal, and Ensure. Living off of cereal is no fun! I’d buy a big box, and I’d get so tired of eating Raisin Bran. This was my way of staying healthy and keeping my weakening digestive system working. My meals were so monotonous.

Thank God for Hawaii Meals on Wheels! They have been such a blessing. After Silvie contacted their office, I started receiving meals within two days. Let me tell you about my meals: I love my beef stew and teriyaki chicken! My meals come with rice or sometimes potatoes. I still have teeth, so my mixed vegetables are chewy and nutritious and never overcooked. The salads are just fabulous! Sometimes, I save two salads and eat them in the evening with a hardboiled egg and the French dressing that comes with my meals. And I love my desserts. Today, I had vanilla pudding.

They are well-balanced meals, and sometimes they come with apple sauce and cranberry juice. The variety is unbelievable! Where can you get roast turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy with salad and then lemon chicken the following day? I receive five meals a week, and it’s more than enough to get me through each day.

I keep a journal, and Hawaii Meals on Wheels is in it almost every day. The five days of my deliveries are highlights for me, and they bring me lots of joy and pleasure. Right now, I have a handsome young man named Keith who brings my meals. Adney is always on time. Bless his heart. He helps bring my mail to me. And I love my boys – Joal, John, James, and Zeb. They are just absolutely fantastic. They take the time to discuss what I’m doing – crocheting, word search, or mahjong. And the folks in the office are so considerate. I got a follow-up phone call from Caroline the other day to make sure I’d gotten my meal.

I so enjoy “my children” who come through here. They have become wonderful friends. Some of them have stopped delivering or changed routes, but they still stop by to visit. For example, after her regular route, Karen drops by on Wednesdays. Just the other day, she brought her 10-year-old son Zion over to say hello. I told him that I have mahjong on my tablet, but I hate the commercials. He showed me how to get rid of ads by putting in on airplane mode! I’m learning something new every day. I’m never too old to learn.

Thank God seniors have people who are caring enough and make life easier for us old folks. Hawaii Meals on Wheels is a blessing! They show great respect to us “seasoned citizens” and spend time carrying on a little conversation. It’s enough to make me smile and look forward to every new day.

I hope Hawaii Meals on Wheels is still delivering to me when I’m 105! I’m am grateful, grateful for my Hawaii Meals on Wheels.

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Hawaii Meals on Wheels
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"I receive five meals a week, and it’s more than enough to get me through each day."
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Zeb Reyes