How Special Olympics Has Changed One Athlete’s Life

Special Olympics athlete, Timothy, who participates in aquatics, athletics, bowling and powerlifting, is a 17 year old with Autism. He started participating in aquatics for Special Olympics Louisiana when he was eight years old. He participated in track and field in elementary school, but after being bullied for being “different” his parents chose to place him in home school with one other special needs student. Here he spends his time with his best friend, Griffin.
Competing in Special Olympics, Timothy has opened up in so many ways. His “disability” hasn’t slowed him down at all. He now starts conversations, calls, texts and face times his teammates and coaches. He is now making friends with people his own age. The smile on his face is one that will melt anyone’s heart and seeing him being accepted for who he truly is, is a great sight to see. At competitions, he sits with other athletes, laughs, makes jokes and always has a smile on his face. Timothy has never been one to be super social, but because of Special Olympics Louisiana, he has transitioned into a new person. Someone who wants to talk to others. Someone who is making friends, sets goals and achieves them. With the love and support of his family, fan club, coaches and teammates, he cannot fail.

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