How Isata's Story has Changed

Isata is thankful for her education

Isata was born in August 1999 into a very poor home. Her mother and father struggled to care for their six children. They lived in a slum dwelling. Access to clean water and electricity continues to be a challenge for her community.

Janet, a coordinator in Sierra Leone explained, "One day, Isata and her mother went to sell charcoal in my compound. At 11 years old, Isata had not yet started schooling. Upon inquiring, I found out that she was not going to school because her mother could not afford her school charges. I asked the mother to enroll Isata in school with the assurance of sponsorship."

Had Janet not enrolled Isata in school through the child sponsorship/education program, Isata would still be hawking charcoal with her mom. Isata has been able to attend school the past ten years thanks to the education and child sponsorship program.

Due to COVID-19 this past school year, the schools in Sierra Leone were closed. Thankfully, because of generous donors like you, Isata received a radio to continue schooling at home. As schools reopen, Isata is ready to resume school with protective cloth masks to help ensure her ongoing safety.

Isata desires to become a nurse. She explains that the reason why she would like to be a nurse is that she "would like to contribute to the development of health services in my society". Isata's future is bright thanks to donors who are making school possible.

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Isata is thankful for her education
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