Home of the Brave: Army Veteran Perry Price's Journey at Freedom Station

U.S. Army Veteran and Freedom Station Resident Perry Price

This story reflects the journey of U.S. Army veteran Perry Price, as told in his own words. Perry is currently a resident at Freedom Station, a transitional housing residence operated by Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. Perry shares his experience of living at the ‘home of the brave’ and what the foundation has meant to him.

“Serving in the military has brought a sense of compassion, confidence, and camaraderie. Those standing by my side were more than just soldiers - they were my brothers. When my brothers found out I had been diagnosed with bone cancer, requiring my leg to be amputated, they stepped up and made sure my family had everything they needed.

After being discharged, I quickly realized there were no tools or roadmap for the journey I was about to embark upon. I remember my First Sergeant telling me, “There is always hope; hold on to your faith because that will keep you going when life gets tough.” Those words have truly stuck with me throughout my journey.

Transitioning in life can be a little scary at times because of the unknown and the complexity. The future can be difficult to see. To summarize Gandhi, we should strive to be the change we want to see in the world. Change is a part of our transition and journey through life. As every journey leads us through different paths, one of my paths lead me to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, which has been nothing short of a first-class experience.

When I arrived at Freedom Station, I was welcomed with love and open arms. Mrs. Sandy and countless others made sure I had everything I needed. That’s how Warrior Foundation Freedom Station is set up. It’s a family with brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles looking out for one another. It’s a special place. It was just what I needed to reset, refocus and re-enter life with a clear mind, heart and soul.

Col. Greg Martin opened my eyes to sports therapy, mentorship, one-on-one counseling, and goal setting. He helped bring focus to my purpose in life - to one day start my own program to help individuals through sports and education. In addition, in-depth conversations with Mr. LaHaye challenged my way of thinking and opened my eyes about the rising cases of PTS, suicide rates and the many veterans suffering in silence and coping alone. It is my hope to be part of the solution..

The foundation not only dressed me for success, but it provided numerous opportunities to grow holistically. The physical and mental aspects of that growth included playing wheelchair basketball with the Wolfpack. Not only did I gain a top-level experience in wheelchair basketball, but I also gained a brotherhood that I will cherish forever.

When I lost my leg, I also lost family, friends and countless other things along the way. However, my faith held me through it all. Through hope and faith, I believe that anything is possible. Even though I had many losses in life, my life has turned around for the good. I have gained so much since being at Freedom Station. This April, I was blessed to gain a beautiful wife and countless other things. Our journey in life leads us all in different paths. Mine lead me to Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. As a cancer survivor, I realize that it comes with a responsibility - using my platform to share my journey with countless others.

Thank you Warrior Foundation Freedom Station for being a part of my journey!”

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Warrior Foundation Freedom Station
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U.S. Army Veteran and Freedom Station Resident Perry Price
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Dian Self