His Son is Alive Today Because of “Protesters”

Volunteers sharing life-saving information during a high school outreach event

Not long ago, while I was standing outside an abortion clinic offering resources and help to the women entering and encouraging each one to give her baby life, a man pulled his car to the curb and beckoned me over. He said that he and his wife had gone to a clinic to abort their son some time before. "Praise God, there were protesters and my wife got convicted. She didn't want to do it anymore and I said, 'Let's not do it.' So we left. I never got to say thank you, so I wanted to stop today and thank you for what you're doing."

At California Right to Life, we train people to do what I was doing that day, to save families from abortion as someone had saved that man’s son.

Dominic first ventured into pro-life activism after he attended one of our sidewalk counseling trainings. He was just out of high school, but the training inspired him to go out to an abortion facility the very next day. He spent two hours on the sidewalk holding a sign and distributing information about local resources and abortion alternatives to the women entering. He now goes out weekly to his local abortion clinic to speak to the patients and offer life-saving information. Several other of our training attendees now sidewalk counsel weekly, too, touching countless lives. Some have recruited family or friends to join them on the sidewalk, further multiplying the effects of the training.

Your support allows us to distribute information and talk with students and adults at high schools, colleges, abortion clinics, and malls. We display life-like models of babies in the first trimester of pregnancy, when most abortions take place, as well as in the later stages, since abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy and hundreds of healthy babies carried by healthy mothers are aborted every year within weeks or days of their due dates.

We talk with passersby about their views and help them see why abortion is always wrong. Sometimes we change minds for life on the spot and sometimes we are only able to plant a seed and pray that it bears fruit.

Your support makes our work possible. Today - like the man who stopped to thank me for his son’s life - I want to stop and say thank you for what you do. Your support saves lives!

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California Right to Life
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Volunteers sharing life-saving information during a high school outreach event
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California Right to Life