Generous CFC Donors Answered the Call to Help

Iconic Big Tusker Satao in Tsavo, Kenya

CFC donors made the difference for Elephants, Saving Elephants and Habitat Worldwide/ International Elephant Foundation (CFC #11020, Animal Related charity)! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the past year has been difficult as those who have the least seem to be hit the hardest especially so in the elephant range countries of Africa and Asia. Due to the total collapse of global tourism that funds the protection of wildlife and habitat in most countries as well as provides livelihoods for many in all aspects of the tourism industry, anti-poaching rangers continue their dangerous work with little or no pay, those living in cities returned to family farms placing a bigger burden on subsistence farmers and poaching increased as people were forced to find food on protected lands. Generous CFC donors answered the call to help, giving desperately needed support that enabled elephant conservation work to continue and let communities who share their space with elephants know that we will not abandon them.
Because of you the rangers in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park were able to continue their work patrolling habitat, removing snares, catching poachers, and monitoring wildlife. Funds for a new patrol vehicle enhanced their ability to safely do their jobs, while funds for food ensured they would be physically able to do so. You made the 90 tongis or look-out points that were built in 6 villages surrounding India’s Kaziranga National Park possible, thereby giving farmers a way to monitor and protect their farms from crop-raiding elephants, and preventing them from turning to illegal wildlife crime to make ends meet. You helped provide aerial surveillance for the last of the iconic Big Tuskers in Tsavo, Kenya, preserving their special genetics so they be passed on to future generations of elephants. Supporting Conservation Response Units in Sumatra not only protected the critically endangered Sumatran elephant, but other endangered species like the Sumatran rhino, Sumatran tiger, pangolin, orangutan, and Malayan tapir and their habitat. Your support even made it to Namibia, working with local farmers and pastoralists to learn how to safely live alongside elephants while preserving the elephants’ natural migration routes. You are a conservation hero.
We must protect elephants and wildlife for future generations, creating sustainable solutions by helping the people who live alongside these magnificent creatures. Without a community consensus for conservation no true progress can be made. Thank you for helping us build a future where elephants thrive!

Charity Name
Elephants, Saving Elephants and Habitat Worldwide
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Iconic Big Tusker Satao in Tsavo, Kenya
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IEF & Tsavo Trust