Food is community, food is hope, food is love

“To those suffering from this pandemic, I want them to know that help is just around the corner. Help is here...We are so lucky to be a part of World Central Kitchen and to be able to give hope to my neighbors. When I got this space, I said to myself, ‘Anybody, everybody who walks in and is hungry, please, let me serve them. Nobody will be in need at my table.’”
The above is a quote from Georgina, owner of Accra restaurant in The Bronx, New York. Georgina’s passion, and that of so many just like her, has powered our #RestaurantsforThePeople program. The restaurant industry – employer of 15 million Americans, and the training ground for many World Central Kitchen chefs and team members – has been hit hard by the pandemic . Millions were suddenly out of work, and restaurants struggled to stay open. Starting in late March 2020, WCK piloted a new concept: paying restaurants to serve their neighbors. A simple but profound solution, breathing much-needed economic life into the beleaguered industry and delivering nourishing meals to communities in need. The program, Restaurants For The People, ultimately worked with more than 2,400 restaurants in 35 states and territories and disbursed over $152M to restaurants since March 2020.

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