Empowering Generations

Dora's family

When Honduras Compassion Partners first came into Doris' life she had two young daughters and was all alone. Her youngest daughter was 1 year old and her oldest was 6. She was living in a muddy pit covered with ripped tarps and kept to herself.

Honduras Compassion Partners presented to the village that they had been donated funds to help someone by building them a house. The counsel voted for Doris to receive the house. Within weeks Doris had a concrete floor instead of mud and water, walls that protected her and her girls from the elements, a door that locked, and a roof that stopped the rain.

Her life changed.

She began to be a part of the community. She encouraged other mothers struggling, she became life-long friends with the people who built her the house. In this picture, her daughters are telling Honduras Compassion Partners staff and volunteers about their aspirations. The oldest wants to be a small business owner, the youngest wants to go to kindergarten.

In this area in La Paz, the cost for installation of electricity is the equivalent of over a years worth of pay. Doris had saved enough money and the youngest daughter was eagerly showing off her new light over the door, illuminating their home at night. This woman's life changed, her daughters' lives have changed, and generations will change because of someone's donation.

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Honduras Compassion Partners
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Dora's family
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Jason Mejia