Dottie's second chance

Dottie and her dad snooze on the couch

PAWS Atlanta alum Dottie Waffles' life changed when her adopters saw her sad, sweet little Charlie Chaplin face on PAWS Atlanta's Instagram feed a couple of years back.

Dottie had been abandoned outside PAWS Atlanta's gate one night. We found her early in the morning, peering up at us as if to say, "Can you help me?" Yes, little bee. Yes, we can.

And that's where the magic began to happen. We shared Dottie's story and her adopters immediately reached out.

Today, Dottie is living a wonderful life with them in Athens, and she's absolutely thriving. You can follow her story at @dottie_waffles.

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PAWS Atlanta
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Dottie and her dad snooze on the couch
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Amanda Burk