A Co-partners Success Story


Adriana joined Co-partner’s partner organization, la Nueva Esperanza, in 1994 and was a mainstay of the organization until 1996 when she earned her Bachillerato (high school diploma). She loved the sewing and dressmaking that she learned and wanted to learn more, so she began studying industrial tailoring. The skills she learned there enabled her to get a job in a dressmaking factory in San Salvador, where she worked for 12 years, leaving only when her family needed her at home.
Upon arrival in her village, she started a dressmaking business. She especially loves making decorative clothes for little girls. Her goal is to have a dressmaking workshop of her own, where she can employ others and help them, “just as Co-partners has helped me, I want to be able to offer work to other women who need it as much as I do.”
When she came home from San Salvador, she returned to take more classes at Co-partners;
“I love to learn as much as I can, and I want to give back to the people who taught me my first sewing skills.” In addition to sewing courses and teaching others, Adriana has recently begun to work as the bookkeeper in the Co-partners center in Ilobasco, El Salvador.

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Co-partners of Campesinas
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