Children in Need: Uplifting the Poor, Nurturing Faith, Offering Sanctuary and Caring for Special Needs


Uplifting the Poor
At the Kidane Mehret children’s home in Ethiopia, the smallest people are the most precious. Sister Lutgarda Camilleri offers sanctuary and hope to dozens of children who have nowhere else to go. Some have lost their parents to disease — H.I.V. is not uncommon — and others are sick themselves and cannot be cared for by their families. Some demand urgent medical attention.
But all are welcomed with open arms and open hearts.
“Here at the orphanage,” Sister Lutgarda says, “I do not think the children lack anything that most children have, except one very important thing: family. We tell them that we are a big family, but we cannot give them the same individual attention that a mother and father can give. We try to love them. We try to educate them. We care for them. I know the situation around us is not easy, but God is always helping us.”
So are CNEWA’s donors, who are helping ensure that these children receive quality medical care, education and attention.
They are reminded of their dignity and that they are children of God because of you.

Nurturing Faith
Meet the embattled children of Armenia. At Our Lady of Armenia summer camp they are learning about the Bible, praying, overcoming fears, developing friendships and skills. Some 850 disadvantaged children are helped every summer, led by the tireless Sister Arousiag Sajonian.
For three weeks every summer, the children enjoy sports, activities and daily catechism class. They take day trips to the Armenian countryside and see other parts of their homeland. And coming from many backgrounds, they learn about inclusion and tolerance.
“I like to think the children are camping with Christ,” Sister Arousiag says. “Many of the kids had never been to church before coming here.”
The staff of the camp, made up of volunteers, religious and salaried professionals are able to bring a world of possibility and promise to young people, and witness to them the love of Christ.
It is making a profound difference in their lives — and their future is brighter because of you.

Offering Sanctuary
In a corner of the world torn apart by war, one school offers children an oasis of peace. The Rosary Sisters School in Gaza is giving young people a place to learn, to grow, to overcome their troubled, sometimes traumatized past. It is a true sanctuary.
“Most people in Gaza suffered from posttraumatic disorders,” says Sister Nabila Saleh, the principal, “especially the children, who endured three bloody conflicts in five years.” To help them heal, the staff at the school offers counseling, extracurricular activities — including music and holiday parties — and gives the children opportunities to connect with the community and help others in dire need. “Instilling the spirit of generosity among people is a critical matter of character building for a more kind and loving society,” she says.
CNEWA has long been committed to helping the victims of war and violence rebuild their lives. For decades, we have helped shelter refugees, comfort the orphaned, and heal those who often bear invisible scars of war, so that they can once again look to the future and know hope.
One place vulnerable children are starting new lives and having their faith renewed is Gaza — because of you.

Caring for Special Needs

Kevin grew up in a world of silence, cut off from voices or even the stirring sound of wind or rain. At the age of two, his parents realized he couldn’t hear. But now, attending the St. Clare Oral School for the Deaf in Kerala, India, has brought him a priceless gift. He can now communicate, play sports, make friends — and even play music.
He’s just one of dozens of young people growing and thriving at this extraordinary school, founded by the Franciscan Clarist Congregation in 1993. They are able to dream of a better life and a promising future, learning skills that can help them function in a challenging world — and it is happening in part because of generous donors like you.
“A child with special needs requires extra help,” says M.L. Thomas, CNEWA’s regional director for India. “These children need friends and teachers who understand their difficulties and loneliness. CNEWA seeks to accompany those who manage and staff these facilities, supporting the children and their caregivers.”
Children from all over India are now coming to the school to study, learn, develop confidence and thrive. They are finding hope — because of you.

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