Buffie's Leg Up (Or Two) On Life

Buffie loving life after his leg repairs

Buffie had quite a journey for several months. He arrived at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter with injuries to both of his front legs, requiring them to be plated. Friends funded his expensive, but essential, surgery to give him a leg up (or two) towards a healthy and comfortable life. Due to the generous support we receive from our pet-loving, compassionate community, we were able to fund Buffie's surgery without any hesitation.

Thanks to the selflessness and patience of Buffie's foster, he was able to spend much needed downtime and receive TLC in a loving home so that he may heal properly.

It took many months for Buffie to heal completely, but once he did he was adopted by a wonderful family with a doggie brother as well. Buffie was able to get every bit of care he needed to overcome this unfortunate situation thanks to your support.

Charity Name
Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter
Photo Caption
Buffie loving life after his leg repairs
Photo Credit
Emily Adams Korff