Brooklyn's Guardian Angel Story


The journey from intake to forever home is unique for each individual pet. Some dogs and cats have a much more challenging path than others, marked with emotional and medical difficulty. Brooklyn is a prime example of this.

In April, SICSA received word of a pregnant dog in need of help. With a number of factors in mind, her owners had made the difficult decision to surrender her to a local clinic. Unlike the other mother dogs SICSA has taken in, this specific dog was facing a life-threatening complication as she struggled to deliver her two puppies. While one puppy eventually arrived stillborn, she could not deliver the other on her own. Determined to give her a fighting chance, SICSA welcomed her into our facility and prepared to give her the procedure she required to live.

The morning following the original notification of her need, Brooklyn was surrounded by the dedicated staff of SICSA’s clinic in surgery. The veterinary team was quick and careful as they carried out her C-section, delivering her puppy. Despite hours of care, Brooklyn’s puppy passed away later that same day surrounded by SICSA’s loving team. In the shadow of this tragic loss, there was a silver lining. With the skilled care of our veterinary clinic, Brooklyn’s life was saved and her second chance began.

At SICSA, staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with Brooklyn. Her sweet personality, gentle demeanor, and loving nature persisted despite her journey. From kind face kisses for strangers, to the way she provided motherly love to puppies in playgroup, it was clear that she was a special dog. It wasn’t long before adopters took notice of her as well. By early May, she found a loving family of her own, complete with two cat siblings.

Brooklyn, now named Bella, is living comfortably in her new home. Her mom, Trina, reports that she loves her bed and duck toy dearly. Although she enjoys relaxing, her mom says she gets excited for her walks and enjoys exploring. Overall, it seems that Bella found her perfect forever home.

Bella’s happy ending is the direct result of our Guardian Angel fund that allows SICSA to take on complex medical situations like hers. If not for this fund, SICSA would not have been able to provide Bella with the lifesaving procedure she needed. Those who support this program are truly Guardian Angels to pets like Bella, giving them a chance at the life they truly deserve.

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