Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Shelter, Food, Health Care and Disaster Relief is the heart beat for services provided by Four Corners International Mission (FCIM). When a child is born, we can’t wait to bring them home to a safe environment full of love and care. However, in other countries, there are children struggling to find a safe place they can call home. Children are being discarded in the trash, in the woods or along the road side. Baby Valentine was a fragile little orphan that was found in an outdoor toilet covered with maggots, feces and urine. In an effort to help children like Valentine, Four Corners International Mission built their first dormitory at Sunrise Children’s Home in Kabarnet, Kenya, East Africa. Our goal for these children is to provide food and housing as a safe environment to live a life with some type of normalcy. FCIM also established an “Uncle and Aunt Adoption” program raising money to rescue abandoned children and assist with their daily living requirements, as well as support for their educational needs. Valentine, that same abandoned baby dumped in the outdoor toilet is now 15 years old and preaching. This would not have been possible without loving and caring sponsors.

In Kenya, there was no running water in the communities, people were drinking from the creek, filled with parasites causing organs to fail, leading to death. FCIM drilled two fresh drinking water wells in the tiny village of Salawa, despite the challenges of drilling down 800 feet through granite, stone and rock. The drilling was a success. One year later, there was a major drought and the creeks were stagnated, but the two drinking water wells were still in force providing pure clean water to the community.

Four Corners International Missions has been doing construction work in Louisiana since 2005 when hurricane Katrina struck the state throughout the city of New Orleans. Since the first year of this tragic devastation, the FCIM Mission Team has made and is still making its annual trip to Louisiana, providing renovation on homes and churches. FCIM was there when four tornados hit the residents of Alabama in 2012. They were there in New Jersey and New York helping residents after hurricane Sandy with all hands on deck providing trash and shrubbery removal, feeding the homeless, and the renovations of homes. They were also there when tropical storm Bonnie hit South Carolina, to rebuild after hurricanes Harvey in 2017and Sally in 2020. Four Corners International Mission is currently in Louisiana after hurricane Ida’s devastation assisting with shelter and basic needs of the community.

Children like Valentine, underprivileged and orphaned, are desperately waiting for our help. Four Corners International Missions is there on the ground providing support as needed with rebuilding homes and lives. FCIM is a faith-based, nonprofit organization providing healthcare, housing, schooling, food, and clothing for people in the United States and Globally, helping families in need for over twenty one years. Help us save one child at a time with your donation. It does not matter how much you donate, it only matters that your care enough to donate, even the smallest amount helps. Please help us, help them.
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