PAW rescued Bobo, a handsome coonhound who had lost his front leg from a neuroglial disease. I’m a PAW volunteer, I took Bobo in as a foster, he needed to be in a home. Three legged dogs are difficult to adopt, so Bobo and I spent about 16 months together. PAW stuck with us all the way. Bobo was a trooper, he managed his world well on three legs. We found a wonderful home for Bobo, a family in Baltimore who already had a dog with a paralyzed front leg, so they were ready for Bobo’s disability. They gave Bobo a great life, when they went on vacation, they brought him back to me to watch – my wife and I loved having him back for these visits, he was such a charming guy. Bobo died a couple of years ago, his mourning family informed me. This is a story of how PAW helps the difficult dogs that still want to live and share their love.

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PAW- Partnership for Animal Welfare
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