Augie-Doggie with Jason and Jocelyn

At the beginning of this year, The Humane Society of Florida took in a wonderful Standard Schnauzer that had a rare genetic blood disorder known as von Willebrands Disease. Jacques was purchased by his original owners at a very high-end pet shop and being a pure-breed they weren’t too thrilled when he was diagnosed with vWD. Dogs with this disorder are missing the platelet count that allows for normal clotting thus leading to excessive bleeding upon injuries. Similar to hemophilia in adults. So, since these people just couldn’t be bothered with a dog that wasn’t perfect, Jacques was surrendered and that’s where we came in. Jacques was quickly adopted by a family we knew and had been working with on basic evaluations. Jacques was renamed Augustine (Augie-Doggie). Their son Jason had recently been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism that allows for a high degree of functioning. We felt that this would be a great match and it has proven to be just that. The attached picture shows Jason with both Augie and his sister, Jocelyn. This extremely capable and adoring young lady has been a tremendous asset in Jason’s development and helps him adapt to his world. She is now just as devoted to Augie.

Charity Name
Humane Society of Florida, Inc.
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Augie-Doggie with Jason and Jocelyn
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Sarah Talley