"All Three Boys Are Thriving Because of UCP"

The Hillman Triplets

"We were blessed with triplets in February 2015. Once they were all home in May, we were contacted by UCP Early Intervention services right away. Their therapists came into our home and worked with all three of our boys. Our coordinator, Nikki, then mentioned the UCP Children's Therapy Services playgroup being offered. We signed up all three boys; it was amazing for all of them!
One of our kids, Tyler, has cerebral palsy. We never really knew what to expect but, all of his therapists kept pushing him and guiding us on what we could do for him. Our physical therapist, Cheryl Ramos, was fantastic. Tyler was unable to move the right side of his body with purpose. Cheryl kept encouraging him and brought him further than anyone could have expected. Tyler is walking unassisted and trying to run. He can now jump and is absolutely amazing! We're also doing speech therapy and occupational therapy. All his therapists are wonderful and have brought him so far. All three boys are thriving because of UCP. I cannot say enough good things about UCP and all they provided for our boys." - Rachel Hillman

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United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville and Tennessee Valley, Inc.
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The Hillman Triplets
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Rachel Hillman