Adli Hagen raising money for medical research and raising awareness for Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Adli Hagen is young girl with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. A rare, progressive, neurological disorder similar to Lou Gehrig's disease. She and her family have ben doing hamburger and hotdog sales to raise money for three years. It started out as serving 100 hot dogs our first year, just in our garage, and raised $1,641.02. Last year we hosted it at the local Fire Station and ran out of food that year, serving a combined 240 burgers & hot dogs and raising $4400. This year was our biggest year yet. We again held it at the local Fire Station, served 283 burgers & hot dogs, and as of today have raised $5,961. We have a great group of friends & family who help donate food & time to make this a successful event. Our small town, population of 1500, have been so wonderful in supporting Adli. We have a 2 hour window that we serve and it never slows down! She is such a social butterfly and gets so excited for the event. She will usually stand and serve for an hour, with a big smile on her face, before she needs a quick break. We hope to continue doing this even for many years to come.

Charity Name
Spastic Paraplegia Foundation
Photo Credit
Ami Hagen