Sherron Fantauzzi 

Sherron Fantauzzi 

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Federal Aviation Administration (National Capital Area/Northern VA CFC)

Cause Area


Volunteer, golfer love people.

What is the charitable cause you are most passionate about and why?

Families, Cancer, Alzheimer and Sarcoidosis - Cancer runs in my family my mother who is a cancer survivor and my father side where I have cousins who past away to soon. Alzheimer I watched my best friend care for her husband. Sarcoidosis is an auto immune system disease that I have be fighting and dealing with for twenty years now people are just becoming aware of Sarcoidosis. Families is board it covers all members of a family.

Why do you give through the CFC?

I give to CFC because it allows me to give to organizations that cover all the charities I am passionate about. I can vet the organization to ensure I am comfortable that they are providing a service I want to support.

How do contributions through the CFC help your cause?

My contributions give young people exposures that they may not have liking camping trips, college tour and life skills. It also brings awareness to the diseases and funds to work on cures.