LT Nicole Simms

LT Nicole Simms

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Mentor, Bodybuilder, Athlete, Reader, Traveler

What is the charitable cause you are most passionate about and why?

My most charitable cause I am passionate about is the American Diabetes Association. The reason why I'm so passionate about this charity is because my twin brother has battled with Type I and II diabetes as a young adolescent and even today as an adult. The adverse effect it takes on a person I would wish that for anyone. Seeing young and older people having to in some cases attend dialysis three to four times a week saddens me. I pray there is a cure for this someday.

Why do you give through the CFC?

I give in efforts for doctors and scientists to be able to have the funding to research a cure as well as assist hospitals to be able to accommodate those who struggle either with medical bills, transportation arrangements as well as promote preventative care etc...

How do contributions through the CFC help your cause?

My contributions aides in research, assisting promoting prevention and education.